Atlantis Computing

Atlantis Computing provides the performance of flash, the simplicity of hyperconvergence, plus the scalability and low cost of cloud to create agile data centers. Enterprises use Atlantis USX software to optimize and extend their existing storage investments as they evolve toward the modern data center design with Atlantis HyperScale and ultimately cloud platforms.
Atlantis solutions drive the cost of performance toward zero.
Atlantis Computing simplifies virtualized workspaces with a fully integrated solution delivering high performance, dynamic user experience, fast time to value, and low cost that is missing from traditional infrastructures. Atlantis provides the agility to optimize and extend the existing capacity of any mix of hardware, local and shared storage, or to transition to more efficient hyperconverged and public cloud storage. The Atlantis solutions effectively reduce costs by lowering data center infrastructure requirements, simplifying management, and never needing to buy shared storage hardware again.

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